Bertucci Watches offer the following services as a convenience to return your Bertucci watch to factory specifications. Many of our Bertucci Authorized Dealers may be able to offer similar services. Please allow approximately 4-5 weeks (or sooner).



If your watch requires repair service, we can run a diagnostic on the watch to determine the issue and contact you with the repair estimate.

The repair cost will be $75 for metal cases (titanium, stainless steel or aluminum), and $40 for the polycarbonate cases in most instances.

Send your watch head (remove your band) to the Bertucci BCS address listed below with the completed Repair form PDF. You can download and print a copy to be sent in with your watch.

Download a Repair Form PDF.



Go to our BATTERY & BAND section for an overview of the program:

The Bertucci® Battery & Band service expertly replaces these critical components at our service center.



Go to our WEBBING BANDS, LEATHER BANDS, or TRIDURA BANDS sections to see the available bands:

Three Steps:

1 Determine sized based on case type engraved on case back (for example the A-2T is a 7/8" - 22mm size).

2 Select material, and color preferred and note appropriate band number.

3 Call or e-mail Bertucci or contact the Bertucci Authorized Dealer you purchased watch from to purchase replacement bands.

We will send out an email confirming we have received your watch.

Call 866-665-7327 or email for estimates for other repairs or for any questions about the services.

Send the watch to:

Bertucci Consumer Services - BCS

attn: Repair & Refurb
P.O. Box 7920
Gurnee, IL 60031 USA


Should the consumer's watch be out of warranty (more than 3 years old), damaged severly, deemed overly abused, or water damaged as a result of not screwing the crown down, we offer our refurbishment program. The way it works is as follows-

Send us:

1 Your out of warranty or damaged watch head to the Bertucci BCS address. Just the watch, keep your band.

2 Include a note or download the Refurbishment Form advising nature of the problem (if known) and what type of new band is desired on the new watch.

3 The note should also include your name, return address and phone number.

4 Check or money order made out to Bertucci Watches for the amount based on the refurbishment pricing below.

5 We will send out a fully refurbished watch to the address provided in the note or Refurbishment Form.

The refurbished watch includes:

• refurbished, recertified and cleaned watch head. • new band
• new battery • 1 year warranty

Note: The refurbished watch sent out to the consumer may include some minor or cosmetic scratches to the case only. Consumers may not get back their exact watch.


A1-S: $48

A-2S, M-1S: $54

A-2T: $60

A-2T Vintage, High polish, Procolor: $85

A-3T, B-1T, C-1T, D-1T: $85

A-2T (w/ 10 year Li battery): $90

A-3T (w/ sub second): $90

A-4T: $90

G-1T Durato: $115

A-4T Tritium light styles: $190

(add $9 for shipping)

Download a Refurbishment Form PDF.