Tactical, Lithium, Tritium continuous illumination in 45 mm case size... second to none...

The A-5S Ballista™ features a true tactical design. All components are PVD coated in non-reflective matte black. An impressive list of high performance components, materials and design built into the A-5S Ballista™ make it second to none. Function and professional grade durability puts the A-5S Ballista™ in a class of its own.


• Rugged U.S. Patented stainless steel case w/ black ION finish
• Active Comfort™ ergonomic 4 o'clock crown does not impinge wrist movement
• Equipped with removable threaded 2 mm hex head lug bars
• Long lasting U.S. Patented B-Type heavy-duty nylon webbing band
• One size fits all to larger
• LBI - Low Battery Indicator feature will cause the second hand to skip, indicating it's time to change the battery, the watch will continue to keep time for 3 months


P-Type PANTERA™ CAMO webbing band features a made in USA high performance jacquard camouflage webbing that utilizes innovative materials and superior textile engineering. The rugged U.S. Patent Pending design utilizes a 2-ply construction, heavy duty stitching, matching loop, and rugged double bar buckle... all to ensure comfort, durability, and long life. The unique design will custom form to your wrist for the perfect Active Comfort™ fit, and will also keep the watch at the optimal viewing position on the wrist.


B-TYPE Heavy-Duty Nylon Webbing Band offers long lasting durability and comfort unmatched in the marketplace. Featuring military spec. nylon webbing, heavy-duty stitching, and solid stainless steel buckle and dual loop keepers. The Active Comfort™ one piece design is equipped with the Fold and Tuck™ excess band retention feature and wide adjustment range to ensure a perfect fit for all wrist sizes.




The A-2S Ballista is equipped with removable band retention lug bars. This permits use of either a 1 or 2 piece type bands.



13553     $395

Black dial -
(#334PNC Kryptek Highlander™ Pantera™ Camo webbing band)



13554     $395

Black dial -
(#335PNC A-TACS Brown AU™ Pantera™ Camo webbing band)




13550     $395

Black dial -
(#114B Black band)




13551     $395

Black dial -
(#127B Defender Olive™ band)