44 mm pilot in titanium...

The A-4T AERO™ Pilot blends vintage pilot watch inspired design with our innovative U.S. Patented Unibody™ 44 mm titanium case. Great care and attention to detail was put forth during development… the result is an incredibly well balanced vintage influenced design. Top grain vegetable tanned made in the USA bands are period authentic featuring removable post screw fasteners. The leather and nylon bands are interchangeable. The post screw can be removed with penny coin. 200 M water resistance, precision Swiss movement and 5 year battery.


• Equipped with our legendary U.S. Patented solid titanium Unibody™ case for extreme durability and comfort
• Active Comfort™ ergonomic 4 o'clock crown does not impinge wrist movement
• Integrated unbreakable titanium band retention lug bars
• Long lasting U.S. Patented B-TYPE Heavy-Duty nylon webbing band
• Made in USA M-Type Heritage™ Post Screw leather band
• One size fits all to larger
• LBI - Low Battery Indicator feature will cause the second hand to skip, indicating it's time to change the battery, the watch will continue to keep time for 3 months


The hands and markers are treated with high performance Swiss Super Luminous material that will intensely glow for hours based on exposure to sunlight or indoor lighting... not requiring a button push (a weak point), and will not deplete battery or require two hand operation.



The made in the USA Bertucci® Authentic Post Screw Leather Band used for styles #13401 & #13403 are equipped with made in the USA authentic post screw leather band, offering both distinctive, period authentic aviator styling and long lasting durability. Featuring functional specially designed stainless steel post screws to secure the band to the watch. The band can be removed by simply using a copper (penny) coin and turning the slotted screw head counter clockwise.


Latigo - Wax finish top grain, double vegetable tanned for durability with moderate luster and sheen, made in USA.

B-TYPE Heavy-Duty Nylon Webbing Band offers long lasting durability and comfort unmatched in the marketplace. Featuring military spec. nylon webbing, heavy-duty stitching, and solid stainless steel buckle and dual loop keepers. The Active Comfort™ one piece design is equipped with the Fold and Tuck™ excess band retention feature and wide adjustment range to ensure a perfect fit for all wrist sizes.







13401     $245

black dial -
(#78M vintage tan band w/ post screws)






13403     $245

black dial -
(#79M vintage brown band w/ post screws)






13456     $225

black dial -
(#114 black band)






13400     $225

black dial -
(#115 Defender Drab™ band)